Month: May 2015

Marketing Your Video Content with SEO

Filmmaking is more or less a serious business, whether it’s a simple class photography project for film majors or a big-budget cinematography production. However, most of those videos aren’t optimized for search.

In the age of Dailymotion, Vimeo, or YouTube, all it may take is a series of occurrences or a good plot and production values to ensure extensive playbacks. For the budding filmmaker whose works are of considerable quality, but need to parlay skills into a business, they must have adequate leverage online through search engine optimization (SEO).

This can be accomplished by using the same SEO best-in-class practices that were used when optimizing text content. Now, you’ll use those keywords in your brand description.


Some filmmakers prefer posting video on the website, along with content description of the video making an official website then link to a special channel in any of the three video-sharing websites mentioned above. The site itself should be easy to navigate and populated with keyword-laced content. Utilize keywords that best describe your business and a location tag, which aids people in finding your workplace or establishment.

The Video

If your films are to viewed by visiting your website, start by setting up a custom domain for the site and put them together on a single page. Each video playback will need to have a keyword in the title and metadata to guide search engines. Transcribe the video as well; a Baltimore SEO company provides these services including short form video production and editing, and assist in properly fixing up the content for better indexing by search engines.

Finally, one tactic worth using is to upload short sneak preview clips into your video-share website’s channel. Insert a call to action in the last few seconds of the clip, plus your main website URL in the clip page.


Best of Both Worlds: Baltimore SEO Marketing and Content Marketing

In this day and age of advertising, it seems digital marketing techniques are over taking traditional advertising methods. Traditional content marketing used to be king back in the day, but now it has been merged with digital online marketing. While they may be two different beasts, it doesn’t mean that they can’t work together.
Whatever the channel may be, content needs to be compelling to reach today’s audience. When it comes to content marketing, choosing a right strategy is really all about knowing your audience and your media platform. The combination of Baltimore SEO marketing and high quality content marketing is a great match, and one that makes for a successful marketing campaign.

How SEO Companies Maximize Content Visibility

Creating a website for your business is bound to help you get the attention of your target market, especially if you give them something to look forward to. After all, the whole point for having a website is to share content with the rest of the internet

Content like blogs and news containing relevant information that is short and succinct is one way to get them to visit your site and increase your traffic. While having a loyal fan base of readers is great, you also want to get the word out to potential customers. This is where SEO companies can help you.

Properly Optimized Keywords

Keywords are groups of words or a phrase that help people find your content when they conduct an online search. Work with a SEO company that wants to know about your business and customers. An SEO company can help you determine who will be looking for your services and the keyword combinations that will greatly increase your website’s visibility. (more…)