Month: June 2015

Marketing: Attract Customers to Your Restaurant

Baltimore known for its rich historical culture, abundance of fresh seafood, and diverse neighborhoods attracts plenty of tourists each year. You have worked hard to establish your Baltimore-based restaurant reputation, but if you are struggling to gain the attention your restaurant deserves, the issue might not be the location or even the menu—you might be falling short in the marketing aspect. Here are some ways you can attract new customers.


Baltimore SEO, Digital Online Marketing Change Advertising Landscape

With the proliferation of evolving Baltimore SEO practices alongside other digital marketing developments, you can almost kiss traditional, in-your-face marketing and advertising goodbye. Today, it’s all about engaging consumers. To do this, companies and their brands will need to rely on a simple premise: focusing on creating relationships with consumers, rather than grabbing people’s attention, or using interruptive tactics.
The so-called “old way” could’ve worked in the past, but not today. Think of a bigwig brand back in the ‘60s, when consumers watched only a handful of TV channels. As it turns out, that brand is one of the very few that can afford advertising; giant entities that can make a loud, brand-focused appeal to catch consumers’ attention. It was more of a one-way connection back in those days—companies reach out to consumers—and it ends there. Today, the same approach may hardly work at all because people want and expect to be heard as well.