Month: November 2015

3 Red Flags To Look Out For When It Comes To Choosing An SEO Firm

It is the fact that the concept of generating organic traffic is a time consuming process. Many people turn to SEO service providers when it comes to acquiring organic traffic from the search engines. But, with the abundance of SEO companies that are available, how can you be sure that the SEO agency that you utilize will be helping to build your website’s reputation as opposed to hurting it? Here are 3 red flags that indicate that a particular company utilizes less than favorable tactics.


The Most Common SEO Mistakes that Could Get Websites Heavily Penalized

It’s already common knowledge for online marketers that resorting to black hat SEO can have negative implications on a website, but it seems that Google wants to really drive the message home.

Last 18th of September, the Google Search Quality Team announced through their blog that Google will take further action against repeat violators of their Webmaster Guidelines. Marketers can expect that the search engine will make it twice as hard to recover from the impacts of a penalty. This is why Baltimore SEO professionals are warning against the most common SEO mistakes that can get heavily penalized.