How SEO and Local Reviews Can Boost Your Online Visibility

If your business is based more on services rather than products, what customers in Baltimore have to say can influence others who are searching for similar services. For this reason, it makes sense to use effective SEO techniques to boost the visibility of positive online reviews.

Building Trust

Reviews on directory sites like Yelp can establish trust with potential customers, many of whom are still in the decision-making phase when first searching for your business online. SEO comes into play with the information you list about your business on such sites and the links you use to direct people to such reviews.

Going Beyond ‘Marketing Speak’

While carefully worded online content has a place in marketing, potential customers tend to place more faith in online reviews. With social media pages, a happy medium can be established by encouraging customers to share their thoughts after using your services. Such comments can be worked into your SEO efforts by creating links back to the source within your content.

Don’t forget to do the occasional “spring cleaning” and confirm that information about your business on local review sites is accurate. Correct inaccuracies with your address and business summary. Make sure any links back to review sites you include within your online content are still active, especially with older reviews. If you need some help directing potential customers to your reviews, consider working with a marketing firm familiar with the steps required to increase online visibility.


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