Looking for Ways to Boost Your Website’s SEO? Try Utilizing Videos


As everyone surely knows, Google is the world’s largest search engine. Not everyone knows, however, that the second-largest one is YouTube, which is also owned by Google. Given this connection between the two, ranking higher in Google search results can also be done by uploading and sharing videos on YouTube.

The Growing Potential of Videos

After mobile, video is perhaps the next big thing on the marketing landscape. In fact, video is now making up 64 percent of all internet traffic, and is projected to grow by as much as 80 percent in 2019. Even businesses are seeing potential on using videos as marketing tools, with an estimate of $7.77 billion being spent on online video advertising this year.



Baltimore SEO Tips to Start Your E-Commerce Dreams on the Right Track

The popularity of internet business marketing has exploded in recent years as more and more potential customers search the internet to do business. Given that it’s a lot simpler and more cost-effective to surf the net and click on a product or service to purchase than having to drive to the store to buy the same thing, many people are waking up and choosing this convenience. With an unabated boost in online marketing sales, it is safe to say that the future of e-commerce has never been brighter.
Every knowledgeable business and business owner dreams of finding a powerful ‘easy as rolling off a log” process to automate customer lead generation. Because it’s the most difficult part of marketing a business today, most business owners recognize that while their time and labor required is primarily creating copy and content, the long-term results pay huge dividends!

Moving Your Clients through the Purchasing Process

Contrary to what most company owners and marketers believe, the process of optimizing a website for search engines is  far more difficult than simply getting a first page rank or increasing site traffic. Ecommerce marketing  is a series of cumulative efforts that are designed to promote businesses and the services or products they supply, educate consumers, establish trust and effectively move customers  through the purchasing process by providing them with the answers they need. (more…)

Some Common SEO Mistakes You Can Avoid with Help from SEO Companies

“Local SEO” innovation has taken root in Baltimore! And, while a business owner’s mind might be on how much it is going to “leap-frog” its competition with improved visibility and traffic, it has to avoid making silly mistakes that are going to block it from getting there.

Local SEO has grown in importance significantly. With Google often showing favoritism towards smaller, more agile companies by providing – analytical tools of the trade- free, search engine statistics reveal that more than 40 percent of online searches focus on returning results for local companies,

If you haven’t already noticed, search engines deliver search results based on the physical location of the person performing the search. If the intent is to buy something locally, then Google will more than likely return a listing of local businesses providing what you want to buy. Baltimore businesses need an online presence if they wish themselves to be taken seriously.

Ways Your Business Can Benefit from SEO

Some business owners still doubt the effectiveness of search engine optimization (SEO) that refers to the things you can do – and should do – to increase traffic to your website. This happens despite of the advice of numerous marketing experts and successful executives who are reminding others to optimize their websites—if they even have a site. What can SEO really do for a company? If you think it’s just a matter of sending word out there, and the business owners are not exactly seeing the entire picture. The purpose of SEO is to bring more traffic to your site!

First of all, it is important to remember that people today rely on the Internet at a considerable degree. People search Google where to eat, what to buy, and even what to say. By not optimizing your site, you have already lost many potential customers. Most likely they are being captured by your competition. Second, SEO gives you the chance to build your brand and get to know your clients better.

SEO isn’t just about making people buy from you, but also creating a good relationship with them. What makes a video or an article more special than a handout of flyers is that people are actually interested in reading well-written and informative content, and most likely will throw away a random flyer. Your clients want to feel appreciated and heard; this is not possible if you don’t communicate with them in the first place.

Your website that nobody can find is not an option. In making a right selection of SEO services, listen carefully to what your potential provider like Baltimore SEO is providing guidance to market your product and capture your target audience. An SEO provider cannot be effective without your involvement.

Marketing: Attract Customers to Your Restaurant

Baltimore known for its rich historical culture, abundance of fresh seafood, and diverse neighborhoods attracts plenty of tourists each year. You have worked hard to establish your Baltimore-based restaurant reputation, but if you are struggling to gain the attention your restaurant deserves, the issue might not be the location or even the menu—you might be falling short in the marketing aspect. Here are some ways you can attract new customers.

Baltimore SEO, Digital Online Marketing Change Advertising Landscape

With the proliferation of evolving Baltimore SEO practices alongside other digital marketing developments, you can almost kiss traditional, in-your-face marketing and advertising goodbye. Today, it’s all about engaging consumers. To do this, companies and their brands will need to rely on a simple premise: focusing on creating relationships with consumers, rather than grabbing people’s attention, or using interruptive tactics.
The so-called “old way” could’ve worked in the past, but not today. Think of a bigwig brand back in the ‘60s, when consumers watched only a handful of TV channels. As it turns out, that brand is one of the very few that can afford advertising; giant entities that can make a loud, brand-focused appeal to catch consumers’ attention. It was more of a one-way connection back in those days—companies reach out to consumers—and it ends there. Today, the same approach may hardly work at all because people want and expect to be heard as well.

Marketing Your Video Content with SEO

Filmmaking is more or less a serious business, whether it’s a simple class photography project for film majors or a big-budget cinematography production. However, most of those videos aren’t optimized for search.

In the age of Dailymotion, Vimeo, or YouTube, all it may take is a series of occurrences or a good plot and production values to ensure extensive playbacks. For the budding filmmaker whose works are of considerable quality, but need to parlay skills into a business, they must have adequate leverage online through search engine optimization (SEO).

This can be accomplished by using the same SEO best-in-class practices that were used when optimizing text content. Now, you’ll use those keywords in your brand description.


Some filmmakers prefer posting video on the website, along with content description of the video making an official website then link to a special channel in any of the three video-sharing websites mentioned above. The site itself should be easy to navigate and populated with keyword-laced content. Utilize keywords that best describe your business and a location tag, which aids people in finding your workplace or establishment.

The Video

If your films are to viewed by visiting your website, start by setting up a custom domain for the site and put them together on a single page. Each video playback will need to have a keyword in the title and metadata to guide search engines. Transcribe the video as well; a Baltimore SEO company provides these services including short form video production and editing, and assist in properly fixing up the content for better indexing by search engines.

Finally, one tactic worth using is to upload short sneak preview clips into your video-share website’s channel. Insert a call to action in the last few seconds of the clip, plus your main website URL in the clip page.

Best of Both Worlds: Baltimore SEO Marketing and Content Marketing

In this day and age of advertising, it seems digital marketing techniques are over taking traditional advertising methods. Traditional content marketing used to be king back in the day, but now it has been merged with digital online marketing. While they may be two different beasts, it doesn’t mean that they can’t work together.
Whatever the channel may be, content needs to be compelling to reach today’s audience. When it comes to content marketing, choosing a right strategy is really all about knowing your audience and your media platform. The combination of Baltimore SEO marketing and high quality content marketing is a great match, and one that makes for a successful marketing campaign.

How SEO Companies Maximize Content Visibility

Creating a website for your business is bound to help you get the attention of your target market, especially if you give them something to look forward to. After all, the whole point for having a website is to share content with the rest of the internet

Content like blogs and news containing relevant information that is short and succinct is one way to get them to visit your site and increase your traffic. While having a loyal fan base of readers is great, you also want to get the word out to potential customers. This is where SEO companies can help you.

Properly Optimized Keywords

Keywords are groups of words or a phrase that help people find your content when they conduct an online search. Work with a SEO company that wants to know about your business and customers. An SEO company can help you determine who will be looking for your services and the keyword combinations that will greatly increase your website’s visibility. (more…)